Start with yourself: A reminder to give love and kindness

By: Debbie Moore-Black, RN

Were you neglected by your parents? Neglected of basics like clothes to wear or a tender hug or a simple “I love you?” from mom or dad, or both?
Were you shunned by your classmates because you wore the same clothes every day while your mom wore designer clothes and your dad was a business executive?
Were you called short and fat and ugly.
Did you have the lowest opinion of yourself and not even know that you were this beautiful shining bright star?
Did you crave the first drop of breadcrumbs from a man/or woman who was really just interested in themselves?
Did you marry that man/woman? Always craving for them to love you?
Did you religiously go to church and scream out your “Christianity” while all along you bashed the shy guy, the gay guy, the different guy.
Did you cast stones at others to make you feel better about yourself?
Did you embezzle, cheat on your wife or your husband….multiple infidelities?

You know what?
We all have cast the stones.
And now it’s Christmas time.
A time of cheer and hope.
A time of renewal.
A time to be that better person.
A time to shed your layers of coats. A time to look at yourself deeply in the mirror. Put down your addictions. Go to AA. Go to Narcotics Anonymous. Find and go to a licensed therapist. Seek a higher power.
Help out at soup kitchens, give to the poor, the destitute, the forgotten children.
Throw your troubles in your bucket.

And start anew.

#Kindness begins with yourself.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel.
There is a hope for a new tomorrow.
That door that closed on you, the window has just opened.
There is peace and harmony and love within yourself.
And it begins with yourself.
Reach out.
And send peace and kindness.
It could be that first step that you breathe a new breath.
Live and love.

#kindness begins with yourself.